The ABC Helps Derbyshire Damsels in Distress Avoid Lock Down Injustice

Monday 11 January, 2021 Written by 
The ABC Helps Derbyshire Damsels in Distress Avoid Lock Down Injustice

LOCKDOWN OFFENSES -  Not quite the usual remit from the ABC but we wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire following the fines served on women who were fined £200 each when they drove five miles for a walk by Foremark Reservoir, Derbyshire. 

From the BBC: Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore were walking at Foremark Reservoir, Derbyshire, when they were "surrounded" by officers.

At the time Derbyshire Police insisted driving to exercise was "not in the spirit" of the most recent lockdown.

But new national guidance for police has led the force to quash the fines, and apologise to the women.


The ABC wrote this to the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner and to the BBC

Covid Ladies fines quashed

Image:  Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore meet the Derbyshire police.

I founded the ABC (see below)  and I am chasing funding for SAILING WELLNESS a mental health opportunity for military personnel suffering from PTSD and mobility issues.

The BBC created a video about the EU Blue Health project:

Leading the UK’s Blue Health research effort is:


Professor, Chair, Director

European Centre for Environment and Human Health

University of Exeter Medical School

College of Medicine and Health

University of Exeter

c/o Knowledge Spa RCHT

Truro Cornwall TR1 3HD

Tel +44(0)1872242595

Derbyshire's new chief constable Rachel Swann needs to familiarise herself with this project. I have sent  a copy of this email to:

The Official Website Of The Police And Crime Commissioner For Derbyshire.

The police have obviously have to have had a rethink about these ladies and their Coivid-19 health and well being activities. It is hard for the police I know to distinguish rule breakers from those seeking relief from ‘Cabin Fever’ and lockdown. However this initiative points to the mental health benefits of being on or near water.

I would be happy to talk on the BBC about this and why I think ‘Blue Health’ is important. 


Covid fines quashed 02

Image courtesy of the BBC: Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore, 

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Covid: Women fined for going for a walk receive police apology

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