If you fall ill, the last thing you want to worry about is money. Here, you will learn about your rights and what benefits are available to you if you become ill, either short or long-term.

Living with a terminal illness, or caring for someone who is, can put a strain on finances. Our comprehensive information can help you understand what financial help is available, and how to plan your finances in advance so you can get the most of the time you have left. You can find information about benefits and entitlements for people who are ill or disabled and those who are close to them.

Falling ill while working presents a difficult scenario for the employed. You'll need to know your legal and contractual entitlements to sick pay. Total Jobs provides you guides, to show you how to make sure that you get the salary you want, and also keep you informed of the laws, rights and taxes that you really should be on top of. 

Citizens Advice provides you with information about illness and insurance, and the benefits you are entitled to in the case where you become ill, or have an accident and provides you with adivce regarding purchasing an insurance.

If you’ve developed a health condition or become disabled, you probably want to know whether you can take time off work, work more flexible hours, or have adjustments made to your job or place of work. We provide a summary of your legal rights at work and support to help you keep working.

Through clinical commissioning, primary care clinicians will take the lead in working with patients and health experts to decide what range of services are needed for their local population. With the support of partner organisations, such as the County Council and local councils, the Clinical Commissioning Group  must  make sure that the  way that we describe what health services need to deliver in terms of quality, patient experience and health outcomes allows provider organisations to deliver the service in the most efficient and cost effective way, so that we can be accountable to the Secretary of State and our local population for how we spend our limited resources.

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