Understanding your rights and the obligations of others in society is vital. With serious cuts in Legal Aid by the government, those on low incomes can be at a serious disadvantage. None the less, help is at hand, if you know where to find it. Use our directory to reach out for the support you need.

Hylton-Potts Legal Consultants offer a fast and efficient service, and always strive to give good value for money. We have a long and successful track record and are known to be tough, no-nonsense street fighters good to have on your side.

Hylton-Potts are experienced Benefit Fraud and Tax Credit Fraud Lawyers. If you’ve received a letter about an Interview, Awkward Documents, Undisclosed / Hidden Savings or Capital, Subletting or Overpayments, call or email us today!

We never allow our clients to be interviewed. We are registered with H.M.R.C as tax and tax credit advisors. We do NOT report benefit fraud. 

Confidential free 24-hour email service, and office hours' helpline, Tel: 0207 381  8111.

London based but helping people all over the country. 

Fixed fees.

All phone calls, emails, and letters are dealt with the same day. For us there is no such thing a “just another case”. We treat you like a close family member or lifelong friend. Hylton-Potts Legal Consultants provide a better and cheaper legal service than solicitors.

Policy in Practice believes the welfare system can work more effectively. It can help people towards greater independence if we make it simple for people and organisations to understand.

We simplify the welfare system by showing people how policy affects them. We show local authorities how individual households are affected by all policy changes, now and in the future.

We talk to government on a national level to influence policy.


Public Concern at Work is the whistleblowing charity. Established in 1993, we have led the new approach to whistleblowing that - both at home and abroad - recognises the key role it can play in anticipating and avoiding serious risks that arise in and from the workplace.

Public Concern at Work aims to help make whistleblowing work so that dangers, wrongdoing and serious risks that threaten the public good are deterred or at least detected before serious damage is caused.

+44(0)020 3117 2520

Maryhill & Possilpark Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent charity founded in 1981. We specialise in providing free, impartial and confidential information and advice services on issues ranging from debt, benefits, and welfare rights to consumer rights, finances and budgeting support. 

+44(0)141 948 0204

The Bar Pro Bono Unit is the Bar’s national charity that makes it possible for barristers to balance a dedicated practice with making a significant contribution to the community.  We match make members of the public who need help with barristers who are willing to donate their time and expertise in deserving cases for those who are unable to obtain legal aid and cannot afford to pay.

At Kew Law we believe the most valuable resource a firm can have is not its IT, client base or contacts but the people within the firm. The people reflect a company’s ethics and principles and the people at Kew Law are hardworking and willing to go the extra mile for a client. As a result we offer a wide range of services which are professional, responsive and competitively priced.

+44 (0) 0800 987 8156

Thompson Smith and Puxon (TSP) provide a range of legal services for individuals, business clients and organisations. Our skilled and experienced teams have specialist legal knowledge across a broad spectrum of the law. We continually invest in staff development and new technologies and are responsive and adaptable to our clients' needs

+44 (0) 0120 657 4431

We regularly represent our clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts such as the Court of Appeal. Our clients know they can rely on a prompt and effective service, and many use our services time and again.

We provide free, confidential and impartial advice. Our goal is to help everyone find a way forward, whatever problem they face.

People come to us with all sorts of issues. You may have money, benefit, housing or employment problems. You may be facing a crisis, or just considering your options.

Law on the Web is one of the oldest legal advice sites in the UK, having launched back in 1999. Their mission is to make legal advice and services more accessible to everyone.

Legal problems can strike at any time and with legal aid cuts and ongoing austerity, dealing with them is becoming harder and harder. Law on the Web has striven to evolve and provide a better quality of service and to give peace of mind to users, providing access to free online legal information.

One day, you may find yourself needing legal advice. You may be experiencing discrimination, have a problem with your landlord or employer, or you need to draw up a legal document such as a will or power of attorney.

But it can sometimes be difficult to know where to go and who to ask, and what to expect from the different sorts of legal advice services available.

We rent houses and flats across North Lincolnshire and help people in their homes, with things like repairs and improvements, or money and lifestyle advice.We also work with lots of agencies with one main aim to create and sustain truly vibrant communities where people have opportunities. We set up in 2007 and have more homes for rent than any other landlord in North Lincolnshire – about 10,000. Our job is to offer people homes they can afford and to the standard set out by the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency.

The Gordon Brown LLP are established across the north-east and are providing support and advice to people in need in a very professional but a friendly manner. The staff at Gordon Brown are proven to be best in their chosen field and they will go an extra mile to get the job done for the clients. They are dedicated and committed to giving the customers honest and straightforward advice. 

+44(0)191 388 1778

The Silk Law Family consists of specialist family law practitioners, who belong to resolution (a national organisation of family lawyers committed to a no-confrontational approach to all family issues) and the Family Law Association. The Lawyers have a broad range of experience and specialisms, enabling them to provide a sensitive and committed approach in all areas of family and matrimonial law. The breadth of the team and the flexible charging structure allows them to meet the needs of all the clients in the most cost effective way. 

Ben Hoare Bell is a well-established and expanding solicitors firm with branches in the North East of England in Newcastle, Sunderland, Southwick and Gateshead. They are an award winning solicitors and pride themselves on the quality of the specialist staff and advice they can offer. They are committed to providing a service to both publicly funded clients and private clients. 

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