We must all consider investing in our pension as early as we can. Discover what pension schemes are out there, how much you should invest depending on your salary and prospects, and how to live on a pension when you retire.

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Book an appointment to get free and impartial guidance face to face. We'’ll talk about your pension options and what you can do next. Appointments last for forty five minutes. 

At Age UK you can learn all about pensions to support you plan for retirement and better understand pensions and annuities. There are services to help you understand about state pensions, workplace pensions as well as pension scams to be aware of.

When you retire you'll need money to support you and to give you a decent standard of living. Most people get a State Pension but it's also a good idea to top this up if you can with your own pension, to make sure you'll have enough money to see you through your retirement.

Find out about the different ways you can save for your pension, how to get started and what to think about when you're getting near to retirement.

Head to the the money advice service website, to get information and advice about retirement, the types of pensions, what to do with your savings for retirement, how to best use your pensions pot and how to manage your money and future effectively.

The money advice service gives you free and impartial advice on such important matters.

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) works to make pensions accessible and understandable for everyone. We provide independent and impartial information and guidance about pensions, free of charge, to members of the public. You will be advised by pensions specialists, supported by hundreds of expert volunteer advisers across the UK, who have many years experience working in the pensions industry. They give their time and expertise for free to help others with their pensions.

Free and impartial government guidance to help you understand what you can do with your pension pot.

Call to book a free appointment. Speak to us about the different ways you can take your pension money.

Our pension specialists are impartial – they don’t recommend products or companies and won’t tell you how to invest your money.

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