Yorkshire cancer research center's vision is that every single person in every community in and around Yorkshire has the very best chance of living a long and healthy life with, without and beyond cancer. The Research Center works in partnership with researchers, scientists and clinicians, the NHS, Public Health bodies and other charities to make life-changing improvements to cancer outcomes in Yorkshire.

The Prostate Cancer Charity was founded in 1996. It is the first national organisation for prostate cancer in the UK. It's aim was to improve the care and welfare of those affected by prostate cancer, increase investment in research, and raise public and political awareness of a long-neglected disease. Prostate Cancer UK has a simple ambition – to stop men dying from prostate cancer and to focus on radical improvements in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and support.


We’re the only charity dedicated to helping teenagers who need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’ Having cancer can be an isolating experience, where you miss out on school, or seeing friends, we provide support to make the hospital ward a less scary place, providing an informal and relaxed atmosphere and keeping everyone as active as possible.

Marie Curie is a registered charity that aims to help individuals with terminal illnesss, whether it’s cancer or any other illness, and their families. They provide care and support for more than 50,000 people living with a terminal illness in the UK. They offer expert care, guidance and support to them and their families throught their hospices where the nurses work night and day, in people’s homes across the UK. 


Cancer could be dragged for a lifetime and there are ways with the emerging technology where it could be cured if diagonised at an early stage. There are charitable trusts and organisations that support families and individuals at such times both monetarily and support services including counselling. 

Cancer is life threatening and kills the person/ individual both mentally and physically. It is very important that cancer is detected at an early stage and that the symptoms are well adhered to. A surgery or chemotherapy is not an option always especially if they are not adults yet. Cancer treatements are quite expensive to be afforded by families or individuals that do not have a good earning. There are however a few organisations that support cancer patients and provide affordable treatements and other support assistance. 

Tom felt that the focus of his legacy should fall on three key areas – physical and emotional support and research. Each of these areas plays a significant part in a cancer diagnosis and the journey that follows.

Our founding principles are:

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