Benefit Overpayment Recovery - What You Need to Know

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Benefit Overpayment Recovery - What You Need to Know

The Independent newspaper - May Bulman Social Affairs Correspondent, has recently reported that DWP staff have been cut by 21% since the Universal Credit rollout began, figures show. This is leading to more errors say claimants. There have been complaints that Mandatory Reconsiderations are not being dealt with in a timely manner.  

Social Welfare Training has just sent us this information. The Company runs excellent training courses if you are a professional looking to increase your knowledge.

Are you facing benefit overpayment recovery personally? If so, this guide downloadable below should help. 

This is what Social Welfare Training has to say:

'Universal Credit already has procedures and regulations in place to protect claimants from excessive deductions. The maximum rate of deductions cannot normally exceed 40 per cent of the Universal Credit standard allowance, and from October 2019 this will be reduced to 30 per cent.

If a claimant is in financial difficulty as a result of the level of deductions, where it relates to benefit debt, a social fund loan or rent arrears, they can request that a reduction be considered. Similarly, if a claimant is having difficulty repaying a benefit overpayment, they can request a reconsideration of the amount that is being taken. Reductions are always based on the individual circumstances of the claimant, rather than the amount of the overpayment, which helps to ensure that a sustainable repayment plan based on affordability is put in place.

The claimant should provide reasonable evidence to support their request. This could include information about the household income and expenditure where hardship is claimed on financial grounds. Where hardship is claimed because either the claimant or a member of their family is seriously ill, they would need to provide supporting evidence to explain how or why recovery would be detrimental to the health or welfare of the claimant or their family.

A Repayment Negotiation Framework based on the individual circumstances of the customer, rather than the size of the debt and repayment period has been developed. This makes the process much simpler, and ensures both on and off benefit customers are treated fairly. This framework is contained within the Benefit Overpayment Recovery Guide which can be found below: 

ABC Comment: If you want more advanced knowledge Social Welfare Training run courses for professionals in the welfare benefits field;

Social Welfare Training can be contacted by the following:

Tel: 0117 951 4337
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accredited training courses coming up are: 

Introduction to Welfare Benefits 2019

This course examines the structure of the Benefits with Univeral Credit in it.

London 9/9/2019  Cardiff 10/9/2019  Birmingham 16/9/2019  Manchester 17/9/2019 

Course Level- Update (for delegates with or without prior knowledge of the subject)

NEW COURSE  Universal Credit the tricky parts 2019

Includes latest developments,  sanctions and overpayments.

London  23/9/2019  Cardiff  24/9/2019  Birmingham 30/9/2019  Manchester 1/10/2019

Course Level- Update (for delegates with at least a good basic knowledge of the Universal Credit)

Overview of Universal Credit 2019

London 14/10/2019  Cardiff 17/10/2019  Birmingham  21/10/2019   Manchester 22/10/2019  

Includes free access to our Members' area and unique UC software designed to help you learn the new system

Course Level- Update (for delegates with or without prior knowledge of the subject)

Benefits for Older  People 2019

London 4/11/2019  Cardiff 6/11/2019  Birmingham 11/11/2019  Manchester 12/11/2019 

Course Level- Update (for delegates with or without prior knowledge of the subject)

Welfare Benefit Appeals 2019

London 2/12/2019  Cardiff 3/12/2019  Birmingham 9/12/2019  Manchester 10/12/2019 

Course Level- Update (for delegates with at least a good basic knowledge of the Benefits System)

Testimonials- training courses- click here

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PLEASE download this guide: 

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