Opportunity to Join Northern Ireland’s Growing IT Sector

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Opportunity to Join Northern Ireland’s Growing IT Sector

Graduates interested in developing a career in the thriving IT sector are being offered the opportunity to participate in Deloitte’s Cloud Academy.

The ten week pre-employment training programme, backed by the Department for the Economy provides graduates with the skills and knowledge to work in the fast growing area of Cloud technology. Academy participants will receive £150 weekly training allowance and be interviewed for a position with Deloitte. If successful, graduates can expect a salary of £20,000 plus benefits with a clear path to progressing their career in Deloitte including opportunities to gain an industry recognised qualification in Amazon Web Services.

Ann Williamson, Head of Employer Skills at the Department for the Economy said: Northern Ireland is increasingly becoming a leading technology hub with businesses across all industries looking to take advantage of web-based IT cloud services.

“Assured Skills Academies help graduates, with any degree, gain the skills needed for high quality jobs, many of which are in cutting edge technologies such as Cloud technology.”

Over 85% of graduates who previously participated in Assured Skills Academies went onto secure employment.

Highlighting the significance of the Academy, Jackie Henry, Senior Partner at Deloitte, commented: “Cloud technology is everywhere, transforming how many of our clients do business. This Academy provides graduates with the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience required to get the best out of the technology available and help our clients on that journey.  

“Cloud technology is a key growth area for Deloitte so alongside the Department for the Economy, I’m delighted to launch our second Cloud Academy, designed to help develop the key skills needed for the future workplace in Belfast. ”

Jason Hutchings completed the first Cloud Academy in 2016, talking about his experience he said: “My arts degree was in 3D design which isn’t related to Cloud technology but I was attracted to the Academy because it places a big emphasis on transferrable skills such as teamwork and problem solving skills.  I knew this would stand me in good stead for future career opportunities. On completion of the Academy I was interviewed by the company and was successful in gaining a full-time position with Deloitte. I would encourage all graduates irrespective of their degree to consider the Academy which provides a great route into employment and the IT Sector.”

Further information on the Cloud Academy and how to apply can be found on the nidirect website at www.nidirect.gov.uk/asssured-skills. Deadline to apply is Friday 3 August 2018 with a start date for the academy in early September 2018.

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