Extra Week's Fuel Allowance to Be Paid This Week to Over 368,000 Irish Recipients

Tuesday 13 March, 2018 Written by 
Extra Week's Fuel Allowance to Be Paid This Week to Over 368,000 Irish Recipients

An extra week of Fuel Allowance of €22.50 will be paid to over 368,000 households this week (commencing Monday, 12th March), in respect of the week of severe weather from Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March. The extra payment will be paid automatically to all customers who currently receive the Fuel Allowance payment, including pensioners, lone parents, and those on disability and jobseekers payments.

Customers will receive their additional fuel payment via their usual payment method - at the Post Office or via electronic funds transfer into their bank or building society account. The payment will also be paid automatically to the 54,000 customers who have chosen to receive their Fuel Allowance in two lump sum payments – this is the first fuel season in which this lump sum option has been made available.

All eligible customers will receive the extra week's Fuel Allowance alongside their usual Social Welfare payment.

The Minister for Employment Affairs & Social Protection, Regina Doherty, T.D. announced that she was making the additional week's payment on Wednesday 28th February. The payment was processed last week and will be paid in full this week to all eligible customers.

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