At Gingerbread, we think single parents do a brilliant job.

We're the leading charity working with single parent families. Supporting, advising and campaigning with single mums and dads to help them meet their family's needs.

Since 1918 we've been supporting, advising and campaigning with single parents to help them meet their family's needs and achieve their goals.

Whatever success means to you - a healthy family, a flexible job, stable finances or a chance to study - we'll work with you to make it happen.

Our helpline and online advice can help you make confident choices about your family's future, whether that's working or studying, managing money or making arrangements with your child's other parent.

Our training programmes can help you develop your skills and get a job that fits with your family.

And our campaigning ensures your voice is heard, while our friendship groups, online forums and supportive membership make sure you don't have to feel like you're raising a {loadmodule mod_custom,Directory: Parent & Child}family alone.

We want to see a society where single parent families are valued and treated equally and fairly.

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