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Central London Law Centre provides a free, accessible, client centred legal advice service to people who are resident or who work in Greater London, including telephone advice Priority will be given to

A - those living or working in our local area of Central London (Covent Garden, China Town, Soho, Fitzrovia, Holborn and the West End) and

B - people living in an area of Greater London where there is no other advice service available

The Law Centre works towards the relief of poverty, suffering and distress by providing legal advice and assistance to low paid and unemployed persons on legal matters in the following areas of law:

Housing law   To try to help homeless people and tenants find or keep decent, affordable and secure housing.

Debt To prevent and reduce poverty by providing clients, living or working in the designated catchment area, who are experiencing multiple debt problems with debt advice, budgeting assistance and education.

Immigration law   To protect the rights and quality of life of refugees/asylum seekers and others whose lives are affected by immigration legislation.

The Law Centre's services include:

  • Being open and available to clients and potential clients five days per week from 10am to 5.30pm by appointment  depending on adviser workload and availability
  • Being available for telephone advice five days per week from 11am to 5.30pm
  • Providing free legal advice and representation (as appropriate) whether or not eligible for Legal Aid
  • Spending adequate time with clients fully explaining their case to them, being client centred with particular emphasis on vulnerable clients who would not normally be seen by private practice
  • Providing a London-wide telephone advice line to areas where no other Law Centre exists
  • Providing a specialist advice service to non specialist advice agencies such as Citizens Advice.

Please contact us by telephone in the first instance if you have a housing, debt or immigration query, you live in London, and there is not a Law Centre based in your area

Key Info

14A Irving Street
United Kingdom
+44(0)20 7839 2998




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