Donate Today and help the ABC better support those on state pensions and benefits.

The difficulties confronting those on state pensions and state benefits are considerable, in a society where the governments are trying to reduce public spending. These cuts have come at the same time the demands on the public purse have increased. By marshalling negative public opinion about those on benefits, in a bid to make savage cuts in spending acceptable, people genuinely needing state support can feel marginalised and unpopular with the rest of society. The bigger picture is that actions being taken are sometimes unfair, poorly thought through, and in some cases of questionable ethical standards. This situation is creating a hard core of people who feel simmering resentment and frustration with the system, and others simply depressed, by feeling simply not-worthy and a burden on society.

Please donate and support our ongoing work with those on low incomes in Europe, you really can make a difference.

By post
Please send cheques, made payable to “Association of Pension & Benefits Claimants CIC” to: 25, Avignon Close, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8YH

By phone
Please phone Tel: 01206 509623



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