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One Off Payment of £500 Due For Those Claiming Working Tax Credit

Sunday 04 April, 2021 Written by 
One Off Payment of £500 Due For Those Claiming Working Tax Credit

SPECIAL PAYMENT - If you are part of a working household that receives tax credits, you may be eligible for a new one-off payment of £500. The new payment is being introduced to provide extra support when the temporary increase in Working Tax Credit ends as planned on 5 April 2021.

You may get a one-off, tax-free payment of £500 if, on 2 March 2021, you were getting either:

Working Tax Credit

  • Child Tax Credit and were eligible for Working Tax Credit but you did not get a payment because your income is too high to get Working Tax Credit payments
  • You do not need to contact HMRC or apply for the payment. HMRC will contact you by text message or letter in April to confirm you are eligible.

If you are eligible, you should get your payment direct to your bank account by 23 April 2021. You will not see the payment on the online tax credit service.

The payment is non-taxable and will not affect your benefits. You do not need to declare it as income for Self Assessment tax returns or for tax credit claims and renewals.

It says there is no need to apply for the new payment as those who are entitled will automatically be contacted via text message or letter.

Anyone who is eligible should receive their payment by April 23.

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