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DWP Underpayment Errors Has Doubled

Monday 13 January, 2020 Written by 
DWP Underpayment Errors Has Doubled

DWP ERRORS - New analysis reported on by the SNP shows that the proportion of claimants who have been underpaid due to official errors has risen by 86% to almost 1,000 since 2011/2012.
The total number of claimants underpaid by the DWP has risen by 64% since then.



2010/11                                                           2018/19
Total: 1240                                                      Total: 2033
Official Error: 392                                            Official Error: 729
Claimant Error: 837                                         Claimant Error: 1296
Fraud: 11                                                         Fraud: 8

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