The Tom Bowdidge Foundation

Tom felt that the focus of his legacy should fall on three key areas – physical and emotional support and research. Each of these areas plays a significant part in a cancer diagnosis and the journey that follows.

Our founding principles are:

1. To promote the relief, care, well-being and rehabilitation of teenagers and young people suffering from cancer, and their families.

2. To carry out research and publish any useful results into the causes and effects of cancer in teenagers and young people.

PHYSICAL – We fund projects that will provide support for the day to day care of teenage cancer sufferers and their families.

EMOTIONAL –We will be working on projects that will provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help them cope with their cancer diagnosis.

RESEARCH –We will support the carrying out of research into teenage cancers with specific reference to sarcoma research.

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Contact Details

  • +44(0)7771 646654
  • 9 Firmins Court
    West Bergholt
    CO6 3BQ
    United Kingdom
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