New Skills

Employed or unemployed life needs to be a continuous learning experience. New skills make you more employable, they can change your perspective on the world and help you meet more people. Learning to be a chef or completing a bookkeeping course not only opens doors to employment and self-employment, these skills can be used in your everyday life. Always aim to be learning something new. Reaching goals and milestones subconsciously builds self-confidence as well as adding to your chances of finding paid employment.

Our Mission (Purpose)

To empower disadvantaged women, young people and children in Oldham in order to improve their quality of life.

To provide and assist in the provision of education, training and recreational activities for women, young people and children in the Borough of Oldham.

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Discover your talent. If you are 18-24 and unemployed for more that 12 months, we'll give you the support of an expeienced and dedicated Talent Match Mentor who'll help you get to where you need to be.

There is no catch. Talent Match is completly free and won't effect your benefit entitlement. 

The Light Bulb work in partnership with the government to deliver funded Apprenticeships as well as Commercial Training courses across a range of industry sectors, and have a strong focus on staff and business development. Whether you are looking to upskill your existing employees, or take on a new team member, TheLightBulb can help with all your recruitment and training needs.

TheLightBulb can take the cost of staff development out of your business activities, giving you more flexibility and finance to focus on other areas of the organisation. Based in the Thames Gateway but operating throughout Essex and its borders, TheLightBulb are ideally situated to offer both in house and bespoke training programmes that are cost effective and extremely rewarding.  We take on board your ideas, involve you with the actions  so that you can benefit from the results.

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Purpose: To provide a youth centre for 7-17 years. We provide a safe environment for children 7-10 years and yound people 10-17 years old, to meet. 4 youth offers workshops, outings and outdoor activities. There is an active 'youth forum' in '4 youth' who meet regularly to organise fundraising events and activities. It is a place where every young person can reach their full potential

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